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Marriage Counseling Dallas

Welcome to our marriage counseling Dallas page. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you have someone dealing with mental illness in your marriage? Do you guys have someone dealing with addiction? These two, plus many others can be very difficult to manage alone.

You may be needing couples therapy Dallas.

We are here to help you know how to approach difficult situations in your marriage without causing more contention and hurt. They say that hurt people hurt people. So let us help you not be a hurt person who is going to hurt your spouse or significant other.

We have three types of main counseling. They are couples counseling Dallas, pre marriage counseling, and christian counseling. We are what you need here at marriage counseling Dallas.

dallas couples counseling

Couples Counseling

dallas marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

dallas premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Houston

dallas couples therapy

Let us tell you all about marriage counseling Dallas, what is important to us, and what we stand by. Are you having marriage problems? Are you stubborn? Are you a “control freak”? Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Maybe it is your spouse.

We believe in the importance of listening to understand. Not listening to turn around and tell you how to fix it and what you are doing wrong, but truly listening to understand. We do the very best at this. We love and thrive in understanding.

We know that listening and understanding can be a hard thing for most people, which is why it is naturally a trigger when you begin to ask questions. We want to help our clients to understand themselves and explain to us what other people's points of view could be so that they can hopefully better understand their spouse.

People do not purposefully try to make your life or the life of others totally miserable. They are simply trying their best to live their best life, navigating it in the way they know. They may have experiences from their childhood that now cause anxiety and fear and they are stuck in those thought patterns.

We must have compassion and be open minded. We have to learn how to look at it from a differing perspective and understand the depths and background of where these are coming from.

Why would you choose us?

Call us now to receive an open available appointment! We are booking up fast and want to get everyone in that we possibly can, so that you may get started on your healing and growth journey.

Does couples counseling help? Yes it does. We have seen it help many couples over and over again. Each time we see how well couples counselling helps we get reminded of just how important the work we do is.

We have been helping our community for years as we have helped couples work through these different struggles as well as many more:

  • Power struggles
  • Finances
  • Addiction
  • Affairs
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Miscarriage
  • Infertility
  • Sex
  • Emotional laziness
  • Life changes such as moves, career change, new baby

Are any of these you? We have worked in relationship counseling with it all. We have experiences in every form of counseling. We have no judgment as we know that everyone experiences different struggles. Our counselors are extremely knowledgeable as they all hold at least a masters degree and keep their education continuing.

If you are seeking for more peace in your relationship, more love, more help, fill out this form. You are in the right place and we have a spot for you. You are ready to begin the pathway of true and lasting happiness here with couples counseling Dallas

What to expect in relationship therapy?

We have many types of couples therapy Dallas that all come with amazing results, all of which you will be happy you attended. Our clients love us because we honestly have the best marriage counselors in Dallas.

Let me give you a look into the day of the life of a marriage counselor. They get an exciting phone call saying that someone new is ready and excited to meet them as they have a new appointment scheduled.

They then greet you so warmly as you nervously and anxiously walk into their office. It is more like a cozy room and less like an office. They make sure you are comfortable and then begin getting to know you.

Just as you would get to know a new friend you’ve never hung out with before. All the details are important and they love to hear them. They then ask you questions as they are seeing a way bigger picture then you have in your brain.

It is their goal to help you to begin to see the bigger picture on your own in marriage counselling. And you know what? They do the best job at it. As you continue to talk they get to see new light bulbs appear over your head.

Sometimes this causes tears of joy, and sometimes leaps of joy. It is all a process and a very beautiful one that we are happy to be going through with you. We would love to hear how relationship counselling goes for you in marriage counseling Dallas reviews.

dallas family counseling


We are happy to say that we offer many counseling services Dallas TX. We offer christian counseling for those who have God and their religion as a main focus or would like it to be a main focus in their life and relationship.

We also have pre marriage counseling Dallas for those who are ready to solidify their relationship before it hits the rocks. Marriage is not easy and you must have the tools going into it to get through the hard times.

We want those who are married to always feel the closeness that they once felt. This is why we offer marriage counseling, and couples therapy near me.

Premarital counseling Dallas

There are so many unknowns when you are going into a marriage. How will we resolve conflict when something huge arises?

We will give you everything you will need in order to do this without hurting each other in the process in pre marriage counseling Dallas TX.

We want to make sure that as you are going into your marriage that you feel confident in your relationship and have talked about all the tough topics before you are in the commitment of marriage.

Christian marriage counseling Dallas

Have you heard the triangle term with God and your relationship? They say that if God is at the top and you and your spouse are on the two bottom edges of a triangle, the closer you both work toward getting closer to God the closer you two get to each other.

We will help you accomplish and foster this closeness as we work toward one goal and help unite together. There is great strength in being spiritually unified.

Marriage Counseling

We love couples counseling in Dallas TX. We take so much of a deeper look into your relationship. At what point did you start to have struggles? Why has it not been resolved?

What are the patterns that are being repeated in your relationship and how do we resolve them?

This is everything we will do and look at during Dallas marriage counseling.

About Dallas

Let us tell you about the wonderful Dallas TX. Dallas is a city in northern Texas, with beautiful weather and home to 1.3 million people.

Dallas is alive at night especially in the south side of Dallas. It is a very flat city with 19 skyscrapers, so you can only imagine how dreamy all of the lights must look at night. You will be in awe over the plush green parks surrounding the city.

The most commonly practiced religion here is christianity. The Dallas Cowboys football team and the Texas Rangers baseball team are a must go see if you have the chance if you are here visiting.

Nine of our closest cities to us are:

  1. Garland, TX
  2. Irving, TX
  3. Grand Prairie, TX
  4. Mesquite, TX
  5. Carrollton, TX
  6. Desoto, TX
  7. Farmers Branch, TX
  8. Duncan Ville, TX
  9. Addison, TX
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

How long will we need to go to christian counselling?

This totally depends on how it goes for you. Couples counseling is so different for everyone. Everyone responds differently to couples counselling. The more work you put in, the shorter you will have to go to couples therapy. The less work you put it, the more likely it is that you will need to attend longer. Your counselor will go over that with you and will answer any questions that you have. They will let you know how you are doing.

Is there a way to measure progress for marriage therapy?

Journalism is a wonderful way to track your progress in your marriage counseling. You can write down what you are struggling with, what thoughts you are having and how you are feeling. Each week after marriage counseling near me you can then write your thoughts and feelings and how your relationship is. By looking back on these journal entries you will see your growth and the ways in which you have and are still changing. It will be very satisfying and motivating to look back on these journaling times.

If we are dealing with an addiction in the relationship will the counselor help with that?

Yes. Most definitely we will talk about addiction. That is one of the main points of problems and areas of contention in a relationship. That causes many hurt feelings and feelings of rejection. We will work through these addictions without any shame or blame. You will feel validated, and have so much hope for your future.

What if I don’t take criticism well?

That is okay. You will be happy to hear that our counselors in marriage counseling Dallas TX do not criticize. They have nothing but love and compassion. They help you to understand on your own what things you need to work on and in what ways you need to change. They will never tell you you are doing something wrong, rather ask you questions to a point where you tell yourself what you are doing wrong.

Client Testimonials

I have been able to open up during these relationship counselling which is something that I normally do not do. I have found more confidence in myself and in our relationship at marriage counseling Dallas TX.

Jeremy Wright

Our therapist is the nicest lady ever. She just listens to us even when we are arguing. After she just kindly answers and helps us to understand and see each other's point of view. We really love her and have been able to work through so many struggles together.

Joslynn Barker

I went into couples counseling near me with so much built up anger and hurt. It took quite a few times going to get rid of the anger and start to build a relationship again with my husband. We are beginning to get closer and closer and I have seen a light come back to our relationship.

Bella Johnson

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Do not wait any longer. Stop putting it off and call us today! We would love to help get you started on the help that you need to better your relationship in your life.

Relationships are like icebergs. What you see on the top is just the tip of something much bigger underneath. If you have a wonderful relationship it is because underneath there has been much growth, with both parties showing love. If your relationship is struggling, underneath is a huge iceberg of built up heart and resentment.

We want to help you go through the iceberg and learn how to strengthen your relationship to one that is beautiful, rock solid, and never ending. We have helped clients create this beautiful life one day at a time for many years.

Call marriage counseling Dallas to get started on the best marriage advice you have ever been given.

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Marriage Counseling Dallas

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